Nintendo Wii Remote “Jackets” Free For All

October 3rd, 2007

Yes, you heard it correctly, Nintendo has decided they need to take one more step to further ensure that Wii Remote doesn’t fly out of your hand. Costing Nintendo a reported $18 Million dollars to ship these silicon jackets to all current Wii owners; I find this a small price to pay for potential future lawsuits. The “jacket”, as it is called, will aid people in keeping that slippery Wii Remote from flying out of your pizza-grease ladened hands and smashing your television or cracking someone in the head.

Order your free Wii Remote “Jackets” now before the rush begins. The jackets have already begun shipping in the latest hardware shipments, so some you may never even need to worry about this.

After failing straps at the initial release, Nintendo has taken it one step further with this move and shows what class they really do have.