Not getting text alerts? Try TextNow, now!

September 18th, 2019

10/26/2020 – TextNow has been reactivated and deliveries appear to be working again.

On 10/16/2020, TextNow started having issues with their service. TextNow alerts have been suspended. This message will disappear if/when alerting resumes.

We know text alerts are the most ideal delivery mechanism for our alerts. And we have tried to ensure that our alerts are received by every carrier out there, but unfortunately, we have met resistance time and time again. This message is for those of you that no longer receive text alerts because of these mobile carrier issues or for those who want text alerts but your carrier is not active within our system.

We have tested this solution for the past month and it has worked without issue.

1. Download the TextNow app here for your specific mobile OS:


2. Register for your FREE Textnow account.

3. Take note of your new TextNow phone number. (It should be located under the menu within the TextNow app.)

4. Head over your NowInStock Account page and enter this new phone number under My Account -> Text Alerts (in the left column).

5. Select TextNow from the mobile carrier drop-down list and click Save.

6. Verify your TextNow number by entering the authorization code you just received.

7. Turn on text alerting with your account by toggling the mobile alerts buttons next to each of the items you wish to receive via the TextNow app.

8. Important Note: Every once in a while TextNow will want you to send messages from your TextNow account to ensure it remains active. To do so, just send a text message from your TextNow app to your real phone number. Don’t be afraid, reply to yourself, get crazy! Failure to do this may result in the loss of your TextNow phone number.

9. You should be all set up and the next alert you receive should be delivered via the TextNow app.

10. Want to get your TextNow messages on your laptop? Open a tab in your browser, head over to, and sign in to your account. Leave the tab permanently open (we like to pin our tab) and you will continue to receive alerts via the app and your browser!