NVIDIA GTX 980 & 970 Trackers Now Live

September 19th, 2014

If you want to get a leg up on the competition, while saving yourself some cash, then you better take a good hard look at the recently announced NVIDIA GTX 980 and GTX 970 cards.

Save money from yesterday’s high-end cards and perform just as well if not better (GTX 980: $549.99 MSRP | GTX 970: $329.00 MSRP) all with some power-savings. Maxwell-based gaming cards are here and we now have pre-order and in stock trackers live for both lines.

If you have not read the reviews on these two new cards and their stellar performance per dollar, then make sure to check out the reviews: Tom’s Hardware | AnandTech | IGN | PC Perspective | Hot Hardware

If you just want to see what is available on the market now for pre-order or in stock, head over to the GTX 980 Tracker or GTX 970 Tracker.