Panasonic Cameras Split into Individual Trackers

March 2nd, 2011

Revamped and updated the Panasonic Cameras section this past evening. We now have separate trackers for all current lines we are tracking for Panasonic models. These lines are inclusive of the following series: Gx, GFx, GH, x, and LXx. So, if you happen to wander to the old Panasonic Tracker link on the site and see something you are not used to seeing this will be why. The old Panasonic Cameras In Stock Tracker page is now a category page. And each of the lines have their own separate tracker pages. This will enable more flexibility with timings of each tracker and keep the entire Panasonic cameras section more organized.

If you are looking for a Panasonic GH2, I have added quite a few new items to the tracker from different retailers. Make sure you review these new items and add any you would like to your account to be notified of stock availability. To see the new pages, use the following links:

Panasonic GH2 Tracker >
Panasonic GF2 Tracker >
Panasonic G2 Tracker >
Panasonic LX5 Tracker >

Also, all older models will remain in their respective series  trackers. As new models become available, which should not be for some time, they will fall into their respective trackers.