PS3 Controller FragFX Being Tracked

July 24th, 2007

I have added the FragFX Controller to the list under PS3 Tracker. If you would like to be notified of when this product comes in stock at either GameStop or Amazon, just sign up for the email alerts. Currently, I am running the check every 60 minutes.


Also, if you are unsure of what the FragFX Controller is, imagine PC gaming controls on the PS3. For all of us native PC Gamers out there, this is our dream come true. At least it appears it is as the jury is still out on the product performance itself. I personally can not perform very well playing FPS’s on a console, purely cause of the lack of precision with the standard dual-stick setup. Trying to aim is like me trying to throw a dart at a pea. I am all around the pea, never really hitting it. This lack of precision is what deters me from console gaming 100%.

However on the other hand, I am tired of PC gaming and all of the $600 graphics cards that are deprecated in one year. So I will stick with console gaming, but I just hope and pray the FragFX will perform to a standard I have hoped. Reviews so far seem pretty positive, but one person did mention so lag. Lag = Bad.

Anyway, if you are interested in this controller, signup for the alerts and I will shoot you one off as soon as it comes in stock.