Rock Band In Stock Tracker

November 20th, 2007

Yesterday evening, I released a new tracker on the site. It is for the game from MTV Games and EA – Rock Band. While preorders have been hard to find, I can only think that the game itself will become even more hard to find. A report from a friend that works at the local Best Buy states that every day kids are coming in to play.

Just as the third edition of Guitar Hero remains one of the hottest items on the market for this year, I feel that the social/team aspect of Rock Band really takes simulation/music games to the next level. Reviews across the web appear to be above average for this game, and what is better than referrals for units from those very individuals that visited Best Buy everyday to wait in line to play the in store demo.

So, if stock sells out today, which I feel is going to be the case; make sure to sign up for the email alerts over at the Rock Band Tracker. And, as always, if there are errors PLEASE let me know. I now have more products being tracked than ever and ensuring that all the links work and alerts are accurate is becoming more of a challenge.