Sears Wii Fit Inventory

November 24th, 2008

Sears is back to their old tricks again. I always hesitate in keeping the Wii Fit tracking on at Sears because their inventory system stinks. This is why all who are subscribed to the Wii Fit alerts for Sears or the Google Group received alerts this past weekend. This is also why I make note on the Wii Fit tracker under the Sears listing that states “Sears inventory system is NOT good. May result in error.” This is not a lie. Once again this weekend the tracker picked up stock being available at Sears for the Wii Fit, however in order to get one you will need to be really lucky.

My suggestion for the future Sears alerts is to sit on the pageand continue to keep trying by refreshing the web page. Hopefully after one of those refreshes you might get lucky and snag one.

If you think that my tracker doesn’t work, below is a cached snapshot of the page that I store every time stock is found to be in stock. Take a look for yourself to see what my tracker saw. Click on the image to enlarge.