Weekly Update – Prime Pre-Order Cancels, LeapPad Explorer

December 2nd, 2011

Weekly update on all that is happening around the world of hot, hard-to-find products and NowInStock.net

Amazon Cancels Pre-Orders for Transformer Prime

This is one of the most frustrating events to occur in sometime, at least for those that were eagerly awaiting their pre-ordered ASUS Transformer Prime. Amazon has decided to cancel a large portion, if not all, of the pre-orders placed for the Transformer Prime. And those that got their preorders are voicing their displeasure from commenting on the Amazon product pages of the Prime (which Amazon decided it should delete), to forums like over at TransformerForums.com to articles about the debacle on Engadget and Android and Me among others. I pre-ordered one myself and sure enough I also received the slap to the face. There is nothing more frustrating than having your anticipation squashed. What really irritates me is the canceling of the order. I expected delays on the Prime when I pre-ordered it, and I was willing to accept receiving my pre-order well into January/February. What I was not expecting was for Amazon to rip me out of line and kick me to the curb. This is what I call a failure of customer relations. Yet, I have a service representative trying to apologize to me when questioning the incident. I want whoever made the decision to rip me out of line to apologize for their failure. And I don’t care if the reasoning was ASUS is having issues with demand; I will wait in line!

But never fear, there are retailers still accepting pre-orders. They may or may not go through in the end, but at least you can try. If you are still interested in placing a Prime pre-order elsewhere, head over to our Transformer Prime In Stock Tracker to see who is still offering them.

LeapPad Explorer

LeapPad Explorer continues to shine in the sales department and there is no sign of demand letting up. We saw subscribers pouring into the site this past week. When adults have a neat toy, the kids will want one too. LeapPad is there to fill the void and give the kiddies something to play with while mommy and daddy use their own tablets. If you are going to want a LeapPad for Christmas day, you better register for our FREE in stock alerts now! If you really want a LeapPad, I suggest you sign up for a FREE account then get the Desktop or Browser Alerts running on your computer. These two methods are the fastest and most efficient at alerting you when stock is available. If you want to role the dice and see if stock is available right now, head over to our LeapPad In Stock Tracker.

Other Notables and New Items

While LeapPad is the clear dominator this holiday season, there are quite a few other products that are in demand, some were on the site last week, but we also have a few new ones:

Monster High Dolls – the Monster High Dolls strike again this year. With the hottest dolls being Toralei, Abbey, and Spectra. Holding steady near the top, but nowhere even close to LeapPad Explorer.
Angry Birds – taking the life of the party on your tablet offline was sure to be a hit. Angry Birds board game-style is selling like hotcakes. This past week interest has increased, but not much.
Lalaloopsy Dolls
– Lalaloopsy is back again this year. Some interest is definitely there, but Monster High still tops them.
Doodle Bear
– This cuddly little bear is not gaining anymore momentum.
Skylanders – seem to be warm, but even with a mention of shortages in inventory from Activision, interest still seems static.
Fijit Friends  – This is a new one of those dancing items. Not sure it will get any more interest, but I could be wrong. They are available fairly frequently.

What is NowInStock.net?

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