Wii In Stock Everywhere…Wii Fit Not Quite Yet

November 17th, 2008

The times of the Nintendo Wii being out of stock seem to have come to an end. As of right now, it appears the Wii clearly has enough stock available at a variety of online stores including Amazon and Best Buy retaining inventory well over multiple days.

With the down economy resulting in deflation and the rising US Dollar value, I think Nintendo, after 2 years, has decided to finally flood the market here in the United States to capitalize on this increased dollar value.

Wii Fit on the other hand is another story. The Wii Fit in stock time has gradually increased over the last few weeks for sure. Recently Amazon had Wii Fit units in stock for over 4 hours with Best Buy matching that number. This is the longest time frame NowInStock.net has seen since the release of the unit. Is the down economy putting a damper on such purchases or are more units just available. I am sure in the next few weeks will get a better understanding for sure as more and more people truly being their holiday shopping. Will Nintendo do the same with Wii Fit as they have done with the Wii? Will inventory begin to flood stores? I remember reading that Nintendo was going to start pulling inventories from Europe and start pushing more units to the US. In a matter of a few weeks, the Wii Fit might also be very easy to find.

Subscribers of NowInStock.net Wii Mobile Alerts via Twitter:
As a result of these high inventory levels, there is no longer a need to utilize Twitter for mobile alerts. I will continue to monitor inventory closely, and if need be, I will turn the mobile alerts back on. Inventory will have to diminish, but this is something I do not envision this holiday season.