Xbox 360 Elite 250GB In Stock Tracker

June 21st, 2010

I just got finished updating the Xbox 360 Elite Tracker to include the latest release from Microsoft, the new 250GB Elite slimed-down version of the console. Nice to see that Microsoft finally added the Wi-Fi to the console as well. No more need to drop $100 in order to have a wireless enable Xbox 360! At any rate, if you are having trouble locating this new model, since the first shipments of stock seem to have been rapidly consumed, then make sure you create an account, and add this item to your alerts. You can visit the Xbox 360 Elite Tracker, register here, or add the alerts to your account.

I will also be adjusting the frequency of which this tracker refreshes according to the demand. So, the more users we get signed up for these alerts, the further the dial will be turned up, so SPREAD THE WORD!