Wii Fit Mobile TXT Alerts

August 27th, 2008

I have just completed the addition of mobile TXT alerts for the Wii Fit Tracker via Twitter. To sign up for these alerts, please visit the Twitter Alerts page for all the instructions. For those of you already familiar Wii mobile alerts of the past, login to your Twitter account and follow “NISWiiFit” within Twitter to receive the alerts. Do not forget to “turn on” Device Enabled under your Following list.

For less internet savy people, Twitter is a web service/micro blogging platform I use to send out mobile alerts to users. By creating an account at Twitter, entering your mobile phone number, and following my Wii Fit account at Twitter (NISWiiFit) you will be able to receive TXT alerts whenever the Wii Fit becomes available. If this is your first time using Twitter, or need a refresher, please read ALL the instructions on the Twitter Alerts page.

PLEASE NOTE: Not all stores are set up to be alerted via mobile alerts. Only those marked within the tracker with a “(twitter_15.png)” after them will be sent via mobile alerts. This helps limit the number of messages you receive.