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Incredible 24 Hour Deal on Canon EOS 7D SLR Digital Camera!

Thursday, July 5th, 2012

Canon EOS 7D SLR Digital Camera is available now at an incredible price from B&H Photo with FREE accessories too!
But hurry, this deal expires in 24 hours!

Also, here is a short list of some new DLSR lenses that are in stock now:

Canon EF 24mm f/2.8 USM Lens : Check it out >
Canon EF 28mm f/2.8 IS USM Lens : Check it out >


Nikon D800E at MSRP and In Stock

Monday, July 2nd, 2012

Best Buy Nikon D800E

Nikon D800E first time available “in stock“, and not a pre-order, since the release. Better hurry as this model has been the most elusive and will go fairly quickly. Check availability in our Nikon D800 tracker to see if the camera is still available.

If stock is gone by the time you read this, which is quite possible, be sure to sign up for our FREE in stock alerts. TXT, email, or browser alerts… we let you know as soon as stock is available for purchase.

Nikon D800 In Stock Still…

Monday, July 2nd, 2012

We have gone nearly 48 hours with the Nikon D800 being in stock at If stock is gone by the time you come across this notice, then be sure to sign up for our FREE in stock alerts over at our Nikon D800 tracker.

Canon releases new EF 40mm f/2.8 STM Pancake Lens

Friday, June 22nd, 2012

The all new EF 40mm f/2.8 STM Pancake Lens from Canon is the latest in Canon’s line-up of EF lenses. Weighing in at a featherweight 4.6 oz, this is the lightest lens in the EF family. And at less then one inch long, it is unobtrusive and won’t draw undo attention when shooting in public. Featuring newly developed STM technology for smooth and quiet continuous AF while shooting video, bright f/2.8 aperture for shooting in all lighting conditions, optimized coatings to minimize ghosting and flare, high image quality and exceptional color balance, this is an excellent choice for those in the market for a “normal” everyday lens. In stock and ready to purchase now at B&H Photo.

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New Sony Cameras In Stock + Lens Rebates

Thursday, June 21st, 2012

Sony Alpha NEX-F3

Right in time for those summer photo opportunities, the Alpha NEX-F3 Digital Camera is perfect for those wanting the flexibility of interchangeable lenses and numerous manual and creative features without having to lug around a huge DSLR body. The body is packaged with an 18-55mm Sony lens, so you’ll be ready to start shooting right out of the box. With 16.1 Mp, your images will have lush color and impeccable detail. And in addition to capturing still images, the NEX-F3’s video capabilities are sure to please, with its HD video capture and lens option versatility. It also sports an HDMI output for one-cable sharing of your videos on your HDTV.

Sony Alpha SLT-A37

The very budget-friendly Alpha SLT-A37 DSLR Camera is packaged with an all-purpose zoom lens that allows you to photograph to your heart’s content in nearly any setting. With its lightweight design, the A37 is easier to carry around then traditional DSLR’s, making it perfect to take along on all your summer outings. Unlike your standard point-and-shoot, the A37 gives you a plethora of features, functions and lenses at your disposal for full custom control of your image making. With its many features, your photos can stand up to the rigors of enlarging, editing and viewing on all your media devices and in prints both big and small.

The new Sony Alpha NEX-F3 and SLT-A37 Digital Cameras are now in stock and ready to purchase at B&H Photo. You can also check out the SLT-A37 camera at or Adorama with a FREE 16GB memory card and case!

DSLR Lens Rebate Storm Continues

Rebates on Sony Alpha, Tokina, and Tamron lenses make now a great time to buy. But don’t delay, Sony Alpha rebates expire June 23rd; Tokina and Tamron rebates expire June 30th.


Sigma Lens Instant Rebates – Save up to $200!

Tuesday, June 5th, 2012

The latest Sigma Lens Instant Rebates Event is in effect right now through July 31st, 2012. You have the ability to save up to $200! Check out all of the possibilities with the links below:

And remember, if you are having any trouble finding a Sigma Lens, you can always make a request for us to track any Sigma Lens at Amazon, Adorama, B&H Photo, as well as many other online retailers.

New Leica Cameras Announced… New Leica Trackers

Thursday, May 10th, 2012

Leica just announced a whole barrage of updated digital cameras. Here is the line-up of cameras that have received an overhaul:

  • Leica X1 just got a boost to the Leica X2 – now available in two different models… black and retro styled silver it must have stolen from the Leica M (see next)
  • Leica M9 has received an upgrade called simply the Leica ‘M’ – along with a $1,000 price increase to $8,000. I guess the M9 will be sticking around for a while. Also there is only one color with the M, black. Maybe this means no more color shifting with lens too!
  • Leica V-Lux 30 just got a bump to the V-Lux 40

With all of these Leica updates, I just had to upgrade the longing Leica Camera Tracker. We now have trackers for each individual camera series being offered by Leica. This will enable us to have better control over spidering, all the while improving the speed at which in stock alerts arrive in your inbox or on your phone via TXT. To see the new trackers, just click on the links above. As you will see in these new trackers, B&H Photo already has most of these models available for pre-order.

Leica also announced a new lens, the new M series Summicron 50mm f/2.0 ASPH. Tracking for this new lens can be found in the Leica Camera Lens tracker. This tracker will soon also be getting an overhaul to separate out the S series and M series lenses.

Nikon D800 & D4… One word: Elusive

Thursday, May 3rd, 2012

If you have been one of the many begging for a Nikon D800 or Nikon D4, well as I am sure you already know, you are part of a big club. But don’t fret too much. If you are quick on your fingers, we might just be able to help you like we have already helped a few lucky folks.

While others, and maybe even yourself, are sitting around waiting for those pre-order to be fulfilled, we have been able to scrap a few units together for users of at Best Buy. Since the massive lines began, Best Buy has had stock available three times for the Nikon D4 (on April 24th & 25th as well as May 2nd) and once for the Nikon D800 (April 25th). Now, please understand you are not alone and inventories are limited. Even Best Buy is not releasing large volumes of these cameras.

If you are still one of those waiting, and waiting, and waiting for your Nikon pre-ordered to be fulfilled, then you might as well have a back-up plan, i.e. If you aren’t familiar with, we are a completely FREE service that monitors the availability of extremely hard to find items. Then we alert our users as soon as we see stock available for purchase. We have helped tens of thousands of users find a variety of different items over the past 7 years. Sign up now, you have nothing to lose.

To begin, register for a FREE account, add the items you want alerted on from the retailers we are tracking, and as soon as we find stock available for purchase, we alert you immediately via txt, email, or desktop & browser alerts, you decide! When you receive these alerts you NEED to click the link AND move those fingers fast! Stock will probably sell out in a matter of minutes!

Stop feeling defeated, start using! For the Nikon D800 and D4, we are tracking a variety of retailers to ensure you are one of the first to know when and where that elusive stock is available for purchase. Currently, we are tracking Adorama, Amazon, B&H Photo, Best Buy, BuyDig, J&R, and Unique Photo.

Here are our in stock trackers for the Nikon D800 and Nikon D4.

Canon 60Da Deals – In Stock & w/FREE Accessories

Wednesday, May 2nd, 2012

If you are in the market for a Canon 60Da, the recently released astrophotography enhanced 60D (hence the additional ‘a’), then you might be surprised that Adorama and B&H Photo are squaring off with some FREE accessory bundles to push this new Canon. Both retailers are also offering FREE shipping and both cost $1499.00, so we can exclude these details from our comparison. Here are the deals being offered on the Canon 60Da:


Head over to Adorama to purchase your new 60Da w/Free Accessories!

B&H Photo:

You have two different options at B&H: (HINT: You might even skip over these if you don’t see them so be careful. Look right under the Product Highlights and click on “Click Here To Select Your Choice of FREE Accessories”)

Option 1:

Option 2:

Head over to B&H Photo to purchase your new Canon 60Da w/FREE Accessories!

Not sure which deal is better, but it is clear there are deals to be had. I will leave it up to you the consumer to decide.

B&H Photo Tracking Live Again

Wednesday, May 2nd, 2012

After a short two month break, B&H Photo in stock item tracking is now fully active once again. Be sure to check the trackers you are following to see if there are any B&H Photo items active that you are not subscribed to and add them to your list. Obviously, any camera items are being tracked, but B&H also sells tablets among other electronics. Hopefully we can keep tracking active for many, many months to come!

Here is a list of trackers where B&H Photo items were disabled, but are now active again: